A admirably classy studio in the middle of the city, a gorgeous villa at the countryside with a horse shed, a small farm, and a garden and house open for orphan children. A happening life; attending art gallery holdings, creative spark workshops, forum discussions and a lot more to build.

A radiant job in journalism working half the year and travelling the rest. Regular editing and writing, powerful bestsellers published and appreciated and 2 beautiful daughters.

A dancer. A theatrical director and actor. Said to have enticing performances and been called a gorgeous performer , leader and friend. Have powerful vision and even better execution. A charming husband to show off (:P) and a humble home near his recording studio.

A global analyst in diplomatic policies and assisting foreign service officers in regular trips. A beloved kindergarten teacher, love cooking and have built a orphanage in the town few hours away and bring them up as my own children.

Now you wonder, “who are these people?”

Me? Eh, no!

“Do they exist ? ”

Not any that I know of!

“So these are just fictional situations or say… dreams?”

Fairy tales I assume…

“But whose?”

Mine? Can’t say for sure. You know why?

Cause I haven’t discovered life yet. I haven’t travelled in actuality and seen the roads make my hearts race faster. I haven’t yet rolled on the sands in the deserts with laughter or cried over someone’s death. I am yet to make the memories I would love to keep as the best moments of my life…  Am yet to slave for a job and criticise it’s salary or wait for an investor to call me back regarding my new company.

But I have started. The journey has taken a new flight. A new flight of dreams, fantasies and strength. I have discovered enough to dream and weave a few beads of fairy tales like these.

That’s what I suggest, rather believe that everyone should do. Start. At least have the possibility or the courage to think of living a life you can only dream of. At least begin. Cause that feeling alone will give you a reason to smile. A victory to embrace upon. And a memory to cherish. It is hard, no doubt about that but don’t you think If it’s what you want it’s worth it all? Worth all the agony and dilemmas and the nights kept up with coffee? Aren’t the struggling memories of your childhood or adulthood the ones that make you feel proud and satisfactory?

If there is nothing of that sort on your memory lane I think it’s time to have a walk around the corner! To go out and discover; instead of just laying on the bed doing everything you love in your dream. It’s time. Time to begin. And you’ll see little by little the sweetness of these brave steps is going to change your life forever.

So after you dream, and while you dream… Begin.




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