We seek change.

via Daily Prompt: Aware

We will raise our voices and put you behind bars. We will make sure the world knows what you’ve done wrong.

No matter how deep you dig in you have no excuse for your crime.

No matter how long it takes we won’t let you get away this time.

No, it is not revenge we seek. Funny isn’t it?

Amidst this anger, hurt emotions, embarrassment, shaken beliefs, deep scars and the dark non-erasable experience; Brave we are. Hopeful we are. It is still change that we seek.

It is depressing and blood boiling to know that because of your bad experiences, your bad interactions with the society and your poor value system, we go through the trauma and become a victim of abuse. But again, Brave we are, hopeful we are. It is still change we seek.

“We” are the women, the men, the children who were hurt, physically and emotionally abused and troubled. “We” are the humans who took a stance to be brave and fight back rather than keep quiet and give up. “We” are the voices that chose to speak up and help others. Yes, it is scary and angering. Yes, it is disgusting and shattering.

But, Brave we are. Hopeful we are. Kind we are. Sensible we are. It is change we seek…

And since it is what we seek that makes this world, it is change we seek.

And Change will happen.

“Badla Nahi Lena hai iss samaaj se… Badalna hai iss samaaj ko”- inspired by an episode on women who fought against sexual abuse.


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