A beauty..

She was a beauty, of her own kind.

A story, with its own plot points.

Her eyes sparkled the hope instilled within.

Her lips spoke truth, words bare to engrave.

Despite the raggy dress, and the shabby hair

Her soul seemed to smile of something worth unknown today.


I was afraid and unwilling to let this doll I met, go without a hand of help into this scary place.

How will she learn to love, or read between the lines? How will she grow in this dirt and still be kind?

In her presence, I worried for this doll I met, Still afraid to let her go, alone in this scary place.

I observed as all I could do;

She stood there wiping sweat off her head. Trying to savour every penny she could, to find a place. Find and fight for a place in this big world.

Only when someone came and took all she had away. She stood there in crushed strength and even more shattered will.

Because of such experiences she will soon accept the world in a perspective, that should be condemned definitely but is quite prevalent thanks to twisted philosophies and heart wrenching poverty:

‘The world is a cruel place and you need to snatch, fight, push so that you get what you want. You can not be nice, cause it is a weakness and you won’t survive.’


Yes, she is wrong. But tell me, is it really her fault??

These children’s beautiful innocent souls are crushed and ruined in the horrors of money, poverty, discrimination and lack of awareness. I know we want to lift their little hands from the hard bricks and make them rattle around with toys and teddies big. I know we want to take them away from the toxic (humans too) and put them in a cradle filled with love and tenderness. Perhaps we will soon reach there. perhaps. But know, there are not one but many children like her who have seen the most cruel, evil and insensitive forms of the world. But nonetheless,

She still had the hope to dream of a beautiful future,

She still had the guts to speak what is right

She still was ready to work and toil,

little girl smile.jpg

She still had little innocence in her smile.

She still hadn’t given up on life.

Brave, Strong and faith unshakeable as a rock.

She was a beauty, of her own kind

A story with its own plot points.

Picture courtesies: Google 


5 thoughts on “A beauty..

  1. Shourya says:

    Even in light, there’s always room for the dark to breed. But when such ideas exist and emerge around us, we achieve a new hope for a better tomorrow! Beautifully written!


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