Half Asleep





Nope. Not for me. Here I am in the middle of the night. Up and about excited out of my life. No pain. No sorrow. No surprises. No butterflies for someone. Little anxiety but who are we kidding? I am just bored I guess.

Yes Sherlock bored. Bored and crazy. Feel like staying up all night and dreaming.

No no. Am not suffering from hyper active blah blah, neither am I middle of a financial crisis. Nope not a broken heart yet or a dreaded call. Tell me something, Do I always need a reason?

Why can’t I stay up all night underneath the stars and romance the gliding lights ?

Why can’t I stay up all night and paint and write and draw and dance and sing with all my might?

Why can’t I stay up all night, cook myself a delicious meal with the best sauceges and tastiest nuts, put on F.R.I.E.N.D.S and pamper myself!

Why can’t I just stay up all night and tune my heart to the strings of the guitar ?

Does there have to be a deep, emotional turmoil in my life to wish to be alone? Do I have to have a broken heart or a lost dream if I want to cry? Do I have to have scary past to just stay up all night?

What if I just slept a lot in the afternoon? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

All I am saying is you don’t always need a significant something to explain your emotions. Do you? They are emotions after all.

I guess : All we are and we want to be will eventually be known. Will eventually take shape. I am sure that this journey right now is going on the right track.

It is absolutely fine the way it is. Things are going great. Things will turn out to be great. Your heart was never happier and your eyes were never this gliterry. You were never this fine. Everything is okay, real and perfect in a whole sense. And what you are feeling is just so right.

As I say this I don’t repeat the textbook counselling for you. I console my dufus heart whose pounding with doubts too. I understand and reason my emotions too. And I accept me as I am too.Ā 

So till the next meet, let’s get over this amazing being we are and look at some insignificant problems around us. I am sure they are worth something… šŸ˜ šŸ˜…

Good mid morning to you!

– Your sweet little half asleep Teenage girl!


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