First Holi away!

Today was holi. First holi away. With same colours and waters sprays, music and fun just without mum dad and Veera.
After morning playing around with colors I had to go up and wash myself up. This was the moment I realised I had to do everything on my own. And that I was away from home.

There used to be days when you would come all soaked in water and mud, and mum would wrap you in a towel and kiss you on your colourful cheek asking you to call the day off. She would then give a hot bath, scrub you; where you would play with soap bubbles in the bathroom laugh and giggle, and mum used to put water on you and smile while you splashed around wondering about the world. And after the bath, she would make you wear warm fuzzy clothes and tuck you in. That was when dad would come around. He would tickle you and make you gleam with laughter and then cuddle you up and put on a good movie. Then mum would join in with a hot meal which was just everybody’s favourite and that afternoon would be just perfect. Perfect in all its memories.

Buy today was different. Obviously. First holi away. Had to not only wash myself up, but had to wash my coloured clothes and scrub them hard. And damn it’s not easy. Then had to dry it, clean my room and then go to have lunch in the hostel mess.

So, well. Living on your own. It’s funny. 😂 And a charm to itself.


Anyway, a Happy holi to everyone and special wishes to those with their first holi away. 😉

It’s gonna be okay


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