The City.

Crooked roads whose pothole counts are more than the destinations it can reach,

The crowded trains where every person’s sweat is unwillingly your shirt’s stain.

Every notorious thief and attacks such as 26/11,

Pitiful Slums and daily traffic!

All the celebrity craze and unfair means of getting in the ‘showbiz’ …

But alas, Still!

The city of dreams it’s called!

The city of Colour.

The city of light.

The city of glamour.

The city of love and might.

 It Still is,

The city of acceptance and uniqueness and opportunities plenty…

The city of the youth, bold and free.

The city of collaborative minds and intellectual blooming.

The city much more than the geographical bounding.

It is a city that calls for your heart pounding and eyes sparkling from the extraordinary odor it has to itself.

It is a city with stupendous diversity and an exorbant vibe.

It is a city with hearts big and arms wide to nurture every forte of yours.

It is a city with creatives at its peak and beauty unveiled.

“A city that has the best and the worst, the pleasing and the flabbergasting, the highest of hopes and the worst of shattered esteem.”


It is the city we believe, and behold our future in,

It is the city I call my home now and then.

It is Mumbai! The city of dreams! And Every second, hand in hand, we walk ahead, wandering and finding our paths.


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