Today. Different?

“Hi” she called, as she ran and came all jumpy and upbeat in the dorm.

“I’ve got a surprise! Here, Cakes for everyone! That too the extra chocolate ones with nuts! ” She said and started distributing the pastries she got.

All the kids came rushing to her, some toppling over each other and some giving a little push here and there. She giggled over the kids’ eagerness.

Excitement was in the air!

“What’s the occasion Aka? Suddenly cakes?” One of the in charge there asked.

“Well, It’s my birthday today. And you know, I was alone. Like they were before; I wanted to be with family. So now I am with a family. With my family. Just like they are.” She said with both sadness and hope and a little sparkle in her eyes.

She then cleared the mess, danced with the kids, enjoying every minute there; and the orphanage was filled with laughter and life. Today was different!

Unlike every other day where her arrival means finding children from underneath the chairs, they hide to avoid the algebraic expressions and save themselves from the trouble of boggling their minds with questions and formulas.

Yep, she teaches maths in the orphanage. Teacher tales and brains, I tell you.



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