Two thoughts of shower.

In the shower I was,

embracing my voice.

While I was lathering soap over me

my brain confined;

It told me a little secret

I didn’t know, it knew all the time.

“I think you’re crazy”

it said to me.

*dramatic pause*

Aghast, my own brain had got an opinion of me.

“Give me a break”,

annoyed, I replied; and went on with the dancy tunes in my mind.

“Play teacher-teacher with your sister, will you”,

the guilt said, trying to keep the discussion of ‘lets-diss-about-this-weirdo-in-the-shower’ on.

The bloody thing went on to say,

that I was being unreasonable

as I usually was.

My annoyance hit another level as I turned the tap off;

end of the bath; end of discussion too.

Wiping my soaked hair and body,

I came out of the bathroom thinking to sacrifice my laziness.

( I am very generous you see…)

So, got dressed real quick and called for my sister,

“Let’s play snakes and ladders, what d’ya say?”

I asked her, knowing she still has her heart set on teacher-teacher,

But if I compromise, I refuse to go down alone.

She had a big broad smile as if she had won an Oscar,

Ready to play almost anything till it would keep me with her.

Sounds sweet I know,

gets me melted too.

But sometimes she gets my brain haggled and tormented

that too….. So Effortlessly, you may not even know?!

It could be from ignoring one command and then long lists of mumbling,

to the unnecessary I-am-upset face buried in the pillow.

Her amazing attitude of letting things just be;

Be it clothes on the floor,

or a hindering plate on the table,

She has no reasons to bother.

And how can you forget the drama of being tired when it’s time for bath

and the instant energy when the phrase becomes “lets-play-in-the-tub-together”?

Her usual jealousy when I steal a hug or kiss from mum,

Her countless you-never-do-this, you-just-be-with-your-friends, and blah.

But the two sentence shower discussion reminded me of one thing: Sisters and annoyance go hand in hand; you’ve got to use your tricks to deal with it and a little love works almost everywhere.

And now I’ve got two; One wears her towel around the neck commanding as Queen Elsa, the other looks at the ball and goes ‘woof!’


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