Beauty of smiles.

A regular day for him; Catch the local, take the bus, board off at SV Road, get in the office and go to his cubicle and finish his work, daily targets. A turn of the events would usually be him sparing a few alms for beggars around.

Another typical day, interestingly had a wonderful change. As he sat on his bus, a young girl came and took a seat next to him. She was impatient and a bit nervous noticeable by her nail-biting. She was in her formal attire with an office bag presumably having a laptop. When her juggling eyes glanced from the road to her phone to the conductor to the road again and then people around, which happened to be him, he gave a gentle head bowed smile.

He got down at his regular stop and started walking towards his office. When he casually turned, he saw the girl following him. He could tell that she was looking for something he might have. He stopped instinctively and approached her. “Excuse me, ma’am, may I help you?”

“Uhm. Yeah actually. ” She hesitated “Are you from the office up there? Your bag has the logo of it.”

The bag was given by his office.

“Yes. You want me to take you there? I can show you the way. ”

” That… Uhm… Would be really nice actually. Sorry for the trouble.” She replied, still unsure.

“No problem at all. ” He said and started walking with her towards his office.

While heading to his workplace, they had a little chat, greetings and introduced themselves to keep the awkwardness away. As they reached the office, he pointed out to the receptionist.

“There. I am sure you’ll find your way around now. Have a lovely first day. She’ll guide you through. ” He told her with a warm smile on his face.

“Thanks a lot, I really appreciate this. Kinda new here.” She explained and shook his hand gratefully.

“My pleasure. ” he replied and walked towards the elevator to go to his cubicle.

As he entered it, he saw the girl talking with the receptionist; her hands were moving fast, and so was her nodding. She didn’t want anything to go wrong it seemed. He chuckled. Two more people entered the lift and the doors were about to close when both of them looked at each other. She did a little head bow, thanking him again and they exchanged smiles, big broad happy smiles.

Now, the everyday routine had a new friend, and just like before things slowly settled in. 




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