I Wonder.

Wonder why two souls come together to set a bond,

Wonder how two hands entangle in each others’ warmth?

Wonder how two hearts grow fonder and have electricity unshakeable,

Wonder how two people become so involved that they’re just inseparable.

Forgive me, I don’t mean to mock,

But the moment you seem to understand this ‘love’,

You see the two souls crying in themselves.

You see the two hands hesitant to touch,

You see the two hearts fading each others’ smile with speed unbeatable;

Then why does it happen, this sudden ‘love’? 

When all it becomes is broken, bittersweet memories savoured in a book;

In a page like another chapter that was once the only special one.

A chapter so spoken of now, it doesn’t even hurt.

So easily over, one is left in wonders, whether it was their fault?  



Such is your love? 



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