Oh dear nosy neighbours,

In a place where everyone’s booing you, because of your amusing interest in my clothes and friends,

In a place where people tell you to mind your business when you ask them where they are going out so late,

In this place I roam free. Not answerable to any of your queries. 

It’s a place where I don’t have to hide my skin or the people I am with,

Where I am not expected to behave in a certain way or to defend my feminity.

Where fearless of my naked thoughts, I unveil myself,

Where no one questions the boldness of my character or the colour of my Lipstick.

You ask what is this place? The vision of freedom is this place. My choices and my decisions about my body is this place. The world we are trying to make is this place. And this place IS becoming. 

-In honour of Lipstick Under my Burkha. Cheers to the appreciation this movie received! It chose a very sensitive and tabooed concept but was widely applauded for its brave portrayal of female sexuality.



My Sexuality, my choices and my thoughts encircles my freedom. What encompasses yours?



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