Stand by me.

In this time of not too long,

It’s so reassuring to have found people who you can always count on.

Since the beginning, each one of us knew it was a fast chapter,

But we still loved and cared and laughed as if it would last forever.

We may be far apart from now but I am so glad that in this journey of a lifetime,

There were moments every day, which made me thankful, which taught me to give time and put effort into the ones you love.

There were moments of weakness, support and guidance which were never judged or looked down upon.

There were memories created that will never ever lose the charm and warmth which was once shared.

There is nothing greater than the fact that you can call the friends you made,

The family you’re gonna keep, count on and be there for, always. 

Goodbyes can be hard; they definitely are this time! But,

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to” ~ AA Milne (Winnie the Pooh )

Someday, I hope we are all standing near the sea again, after years, rejoicing the lame jokes and unimportant moments of the years passed.  Afterall, friendship isn’t anything extraordinary or big.

It’s the magic in the little things

Gonna miss all you pretty and crazy, unique masterpieces of this world.

Hostel diaries



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