We have forgotten that grandeur, everywhere, is a style and choice,  Not a social convention that has to be complied and conformed to. Not a convention to ground our existence and respect upon. So relax, and live on your own terms...    


Stand by me.

In this time of not too long, It's so reassuring to have found people who you can always count on. Since the beginning, each one of us knew it was a fast chapter, But we still loved and cared and laughed as if it would last forever. We may be far apart from now but I … Continue reading Stand by me.


Oh dear nosy neighbours, In a place where everyone's booing you, because of your amusing interest in my clothes and friends, In a place where people tell you to mind your business when you ask them where they are going out so late, In this place I roam free. Not answerable to any of your … Continue reading Lipstick

I Wonder.

Wonder why two souls come together to set a bond, Wonder how two hands entangle in each others' warmth? Wonder how two hearts grow fonder and have electricity unshakeable, Wonder how do people become so involved that they're just inseparable. Forgive me, I don't mean to mock, But the moment you seem to understand this 'love', … Continue reading I Wonder.